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Day 120

RIGHT NOW... Aiden is enjoying the gorgeous spring weather!
willette's right now

Day 119

It is time for iPhoneography (click the button at the bottom to link up with us!). This first set was for my blog post where I shared this super yummy cupcake recipe! Mmmm...

These little guys came in big Easter eggs that Daddy found on clearance after the holiday... 
My night last night... pizza and starting a new devotion.  

And of course some random Bubs. 

Day 118

Took some pics of the little man at the park today. The fast moving clouds and bright sun were not my friends, but we had fun and that is what counts the most! I Just love this first photo... he is such a happy baby! I am a lucky mama!

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Day 117

I am still sick, and was having trouble holding the camera still enough for the low light to capture these little flowers I found in my back yard. I am sure you will see them again once I am feeling better, but this one is good enough for today... I am wiped out!

Just to give you an idea of how tiny these flowers are...

Day 116

My mom finally found my macro adapter! Happy dance, hehe. So today I went and crawled around in our yard for a couple minutes (despite a nasty stomach bug... yuck!) Bonus points if you can guess which one of my favorite photography pals inspired this post ;-)

Day 115

This was a busy, busy day... we had a visit from Matt's Mom and Aunt Paula, which was lovely! They came up from MO to retrieve Matt's brother, so we are once again a family of 3. Here is a photo of a much bigger A with his Great-Aunt (he hadn't seen her since his baptism back in September '10!)

A and his Great-Aunt Paula

Day 114

(So I think today is 114... right? I will go back and dig up photos for the time I was gone at some point, but I feel sooo much better today that I want to just start from here and keep going.)

I got some great pics of Aiden today, but I just had to share this photo... Aiden (my easter Bubby) fell asleep and his little cousin besties kept taking breaks from playing to come check on him. Sweetest thing ever!

 For more adorable photos from our day (including a couple pics of all 3 of us!) click here.
Hope you had a blessed Easter!

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
1 Peter 1:3

Day 105

Just wanted to wish you all a Blessed Easter! I hope to be back next week, and appreciate those of you who took the time to check on me... I will return your messages as soon as I get a chance!

For now, here is the last *real* photo of the day I took... I will fill in the blanks with some smartphone pics when I get back and then start working on getting my groove back ;-) Can't wait to get a chance to see some of what you have all been up to! Have a great weekend!

Day 104

The first of the three babies turned ONE today! How the year has flown! For a quick look back through the year, click here!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Day 103

There are finally trees (and weeds) in bloom around here! You know I can't post just one photo of the loveliness! :) I adore spring!!

OH! And I posted more of the cuteness from yesterday at the bottom of this post! While you are there, how about a vote for me?! ;-) Thanks, 365 friends!!

Day 100

You would think by Day 100 I would be better at making up my mind about photos... but, I couldn't decide which one I liked (and neither could the hubs) so I am posting both! Congratulations to all of my 365 friends for making it to the triple digits!!

Day 99

Words cannot even describe how much we needed this glorious sunny day! Granted, it was actually a little warmer than desired... but we will take it! Sunshine is so good for the soul!

This was A's first time going barefoot in the grass... he loved it!
 The Paper Mama

I edited these using the Johnna's Memories of Sunshine action, and created the collage using Picasa.

and then, she {snapped}

Is tomorrow really day 100?!

Day 98

You know that ridiculously smiley baby you are used to seeing photos of? I seem to have his cranky twin here today! ;-)

Day 97

Here is my 31-year-old bathroom mirror selfie... I definitely feel a year older today, haha.
I will post my Good to Wow edits tomorrow, hopefully. Haven't been in an editing mood today...
Tomorrow is also my friday feature at My Reflection of Something. If you missed the post about it, it is photography themed this week! ;-) 

Day 96


Alright, y'all... have you seen this post at Mumsyhood 365? I desperately wanted to put the faces of A and his cousin on these peas but just couldn't get it to work! For some reason I have a hard time with tutorials sometimes. Oh well... maybe I will figure it out one day and share it with you! Until then you just get peas! And now I am going to go eat them, because I have played with my dinner too long and I am hungry! Ha!

sits springphotobadge Join the SITS Spring into Action Photo Challenge!Also, today's SITS Spring Photo Challenge was all about light. I took this shot indoors, at night so I used white paper to create a sort of light box and added in a lamp to make sure it would be bright enough. There are lots of great tips for all kinds of lighting on the Day 3 Post.