About me:
I am a plank-eyed saint, with dirty hands and a heart divided... to borrow lyrics of a song that run through my head every time I have to write an intro. Thankfully I have been made blameless in the eyes of my Heavenly Father through the suffering and death of my Savior, Jesus Christ. That is who I am first and foremost, and what I hope to stay true to as I walk through the stuff of daily life. 
On an individual level, I am a rambler. An over-sharer. Someone who writes as therapy more than anything else. This space provides me with a place to work out the many, many thoughts that are in my head (which is constantly running on top speed) and also gives me a creative outlet for the passions that might not otherwise be used much during this season of life. 
I have been a wife to a wonderful man for 14 years. I am a home educating mama to our son, Aiden, who is quite the character. I have a heart for ministry, and a deep love for studying Scripture. I suffer from depression and social anxiety... not something I am excited to proclaim, but it is a key part of my life and (at times) this blog. 
I like to make messes. I love snail mail. I go through periods of insane amounts of reading but then won't pick up a book for a few months. I watch too much tv. I have a love-hate relationship with my iphone and social media. I appreciate people who can make me laugh. I like pink and sparkly, but appreciate all kinds of beauty. Oh and I take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. 
If there is anything else you want to know, just ask! Feel free to email me at mattandbranson (at) gmail (dot) com. I love to make new friends and some of the women I have met through blogging are among my closest connections. 
About my blog title:

Reflection of Something is the name of a cd by Todd Agnew with one of my very favorite songs on it, "My Jesus," along with some other thought-provoking music. Todd believes that:
Everything we say is a reflection of something: our background, our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings. Everything we do is a reflection of something: the sum total of our likes and dislikes, the culmination of our interests and pursuits, the manifestation of actions both conscious and hidden. 
I couldn't agree more. I hope that my blog will help me to contemplate where my reflection comes from, and what I want it to look like to the rest of the world. I hope to find friends who can help me learn and grow, but also have a record of sorts for me to look back on as my reflection changes. I hope that one day I can look back and see reflected in my words how far I have come, and see how God has worked through me as a wife, mother, friend and blogger!


  1. Happy to have found your blog! Looks like we both have participated in Solidarity Sisters! Look forward to following along with you!

  2. Wonderfully written, you're the first blog writer I've ever read a welcome page of, and you are already encouraging. I am excited to continue reading, and learning more.


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