Weekly and Daily Planner (with coordinating lesson planning pages)

Monday, July 20

I kept waiting to share this because I wanted to write about how and why it is so important for me to keep myself organized as a stay-at-home mom and home educator. However... writing about that hasn't made it onto my to-do list as I actually use these sheets (I keep the to-do list sections short for a reason!). Since I have been asked about them several times since including them in instagram pics, I decided to just upload the files and maybe someday I will start blogging again and write a proper post.

You can download the PDF or the Publisher file (for free of course!) and I used a kit like this one to make it into a planner (prepunched paper and a snap together spine... super easy and I got my supplies on clearance at Office Max one day!) One note about the weekly page... for my weekly goals I like to set one goal for each of my 6 priorities, so that is what the letters stand for. In the PDF version those boxes are blank, and in the publisher version you can just change them! (I list out my priorities in this post, if you are curious!)


  1. This is just what I've been looking for and could not find anywhere. I started to make my own and then found your templates. Thank you!


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