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Thursday, May 28

I have so many photos to catch up on. My sister came to visit last week, which means Aiden was reunited with some of his best friends... his cousins. It is always darling to see how they carry on like they have never been apart. Sometimes I worry about Aiden growing up as an only child, but then I think about the amazing group of cousins he has and it eases my mind a bit.

I don't have a whole lot of cousins. My mom was adopted to be an only child, and my father had 2 brothers but only one had children. When I was a child, visiting them was always a blast. They lived next door to my grandma, so we saw them every summer when we visited. However, my father and his brother were not close, so we didn't have much contact after we grew up. I still remember them fondly as childhood playmates, but they aren't the lifelong friends I hope that Aiden's cousins will be.

Things are different for him, I hope, because I am much closer with my siblings and adore my nieces and nephews. We try to gather as often as possible, but it isn't always easy. I am thankful for the technology we can use to keep in touch while we are apart, though. I am especially thankful for this recently as he has been able to keep in touch much better with his cousins on my husband's side whom he has never met!

I do hope he will get to spend lots of time with his cousins while he is little. It was truly awesome when my older sister also came down for one day of the visit. Seeing these littles running around together was such a blessing! I think we all agree that we need to make it happen more. They are only little for a while, and these memories are too good to pass up!

Here is a little printable for you (click to download a copy without the watermark)... maybe you would like to make it into a card to send to your cousins... I know that random snail mail love makes everyone's day better! And hopefully there will be some more photos of these visits coming soon!

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  1. Great family photos - I hope you'll come share them at

  2. Great family photos - I hope you'll come share them at

  3. Such a lovely story and happy photos! Made me feel a bit sad because I've lost contact with my cousins. :/ All the best to you and your son!

  4. So sweet! I have two cousins - but because they are about 10 years older than me, we weren't close as kids. I'm closer to my male cousin now that we are adults, but we missed that bonding and interacting when we were younger. Glad your son has that kind of connection!

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