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Five months later...

I miss blogging. I look at the last update here, and I can't believe how much has happened since I stopped blogging. And yet at the same time... so much is still the same. When Matt and I became emergency foster parents earlier this year, I switched my blog to private... partly for privacy reasons and partly because I needed to limit distractions. I thought I would just leave it that way while we were in that unique situation, but then we went back to being a little family of three again and the blog stayed neglected. Mostly because that post still rings true in so many ways... life has been really hard this year. 

I don't know how much I will share about the past five months. Maybe I will go back and revisit some things... share some memories that I would have blogged about but didn't. Or maybe I will just start fresh. I just know that I want to blog again. I need to write. I need to remember the ups and downs of this journey so that I can see clearly how beautiful life is even when it feels like we have been swimming upstream endlessly in 2016. I need to reconnect with people who inspire and encourage me. I need to find my voice again, because maybe then I will be able to remember who I am. I need some way to finally push past this fog that I feel has settled around my brain permanently, and I know that just typing things out often helps. I need to force myself to pick up my camera and focus on life from a new perspective. Because when I do I see things like the photo above... and I see how incredibly blessed I truly am.

So... here I am. Welcome back to my little corner of the web. I am glad you are here.