2017 - Chapter 5/52
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2017 - Chapter 5/52

Week 5 - The Week of "Almost..."

I have been sick for the past 3 days. The kind of sick where all you can do is lay in bed with an ice pack on your head and alternate between reading and sleeping. If I didn't have to feel incredibly awful while doing it, that doesn't actually sound half bad, ha! But I would very much like to trade doing my daily work for feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Today I am better-ish... better enough to sit up at the computer, but so dang-darn wrung out that this paragraph has exhausted me.

I call week 5 the week of "Almost..." because it started strong. Great homeschool, fun days with my daycare honey, finally sitting down to write a post that wasn't a recipe, menu plan or week-in-review post. I love all these posts, because they keep me going, but I miss "unscheduled" writing. So, you can read my post about Aiden's bookworm tendencies HERE.

So, anyhow, it was a good start to the week. Except for the fact that I was so darn tired. Tuesday night I hit that so-tired-I-want-to-literally-cry point, and we ordered pizza for dinner (thanks, mom!) and I tired to go to bed early. Wednesday, I made it through the day, made that regrettable spaghetti squash casserole, and then again felt like I could barely keep it together. So when I woke up feeling like I was a pancake with a head that was going to explode (yes, I know... pancakes don't have heads. But sick people don't always make sense) it kind of made sense.

So Thursday - Saturday were a bust. I don't even remember Friday. I do know that there is a whole lot of work waiting for me today now to get ready for a new week. I am trying not to stress about that, though. So, anyway, this is a pretty lame post. But it was a pretty lame week. I did force myself to take a photo each day even when I was sick, so I am still on target with my project 365. Here are this week's pics, and I sure hope next week's chapter is more fun to read!

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