Day 1 - Remember When...

Saturday, January 1

Why did I choose to do a project 365 this year? Because I remember when my camera was for more than just recording family events. Yes, I love using it for that purpose, but I miss the creative outlet photography provides. So this is the year I bring that back into my life. It has been at least two year since I maintained a photoblog, and a lot has changed since then. The biggest change? Aiden, my 7-month-old who I am sure you will see a lot of! He makes things more challenging when it comes to photography, but we will make it work! And of course I am going to link up with other for encouragement and ideas over at Click it Up a Notch! Now, on to today's picture...

You may think this is a strange choice for my debut photo, but let me explain. A few years ago I found myself with a broken camera that could not focus, and one night I played with the lights on the Christmas tree and discovered that when I didn't worry about the technical side of things I had FUN! So tonight I had fun again, playing with my camera and the Christmas tree (which yes, I still had up!)

I do want to learn to take better pictures this year, but I also want to not worry about perfection and have some fun. I look forward the the daily challenge of doing that!


  1. And, you are welcome to join my flickr group if you'd like. I'd love to see all the photos together! :)

  2. Hey most times I feel like the best pictures I take are the ones that are accidents. You live and learn with every click! I started being "serious" in Sept. its a night and day difference when I look back not because the pictures are good but because I poured my heart and soul into them! I do hope you come back for the blog hop on Saturday! plus I just set up the flickr acct for it. ( I will be picking 5 photos to highlight each week so do join in. It should be a blast! PS I love these types of shots! I have a ton of them! ;)

  3. I love it!! I think that is a great start to the year especially if your goal is to get creative again! Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to follow along and support you this year!

  4. Fabulous shot, agree sometime "we" can get so wrapped up in the technical end of things that we miss the shot.

  5. I love the photo! I am glad that you are doing this too. :)


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