Day 27

Thursday, January 27

35mm, 1/50s, f/4.5, ISO 800, Action: Creamy Chocolate B&W
I had more time to play when I visited my other sister and niece today. My sisters and I all gave birth within 2 months of each other. The niece in yesterday's photo is oldest, then my little boy (a cheater because he was 3 week early, haha) and then this adorable little munchkin. She is exactly one week younger than Aiden. I love taking pictures of her, and she is usually fairly cooperative. I am not sure why this was my favorite today... there is just something about the sweet innocence in her face and the simplicity that draws me in. I just want to kiss those sweet little cheeks!

And of course there is no way I could post just one today, and I had to post a couple of my cutie pants! Such sweet babies! I will post some candids over on my other blog tomorrow... these two are best friends, and so fun to watch!

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  1. That is just awesome that they are all so close in age! And I love her pigtails, too cute!! Great shot, so simple yet it speaks volumes!! ;)

  2. The two are so precious. Great solo shot of your niece. Love the pigtails.

  3. I love me some pigtails!!! They are both so so cute! I love the edit you did of the your niece in the collage (center pic). Would you mind sharing what you did?

  4. These are all wonderful baby pics. They are adorable and it must be fun to watch them together. It's so nice that they're close in age.

  5. This is such a beautiful picture of a very beautiful baby. I wouldn't have known she was a redhead had you not added the other pictures:)

    It is so cool that you and your two sisters had babies within 2 months of each other! Me and two of my sisters have the exact story - 3 babies within just under 8 weeks. It is wonderful that the cousins are so close in age, but I wish we three lived near each other:(

    So great that you're at this same stage with your sisters:)

  6. I'm so jealous that you're so close to family. That's awesome. I'm sure your sister appreciates all of the adorable pictures you capture.

  7. Seriously sweet! I love the creamy chocolate black and white action and use it often. Very nice!

  8. Melissa - I wish I could tell you what I did on that photo... all I remember is that is was a happy mistake, lol. I did something weird to the layers and then decided I liked it ;-)

  9. How lovely that you had babies so close :o) They are both adorable.


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