Day 29

Saturday, January 29

Today is the day I do smartphoneology, but the hubbs needed some cheering up at work so me an A decided to send him some smiles! I would not be a good bloggy buddy if I didn't share those smiles with you as well!

40mm, f/5, 1/40s, ISO 800

A didn't actually like the wig much, but he is a good boy and let me get a few pics before freaking out LOL!
 And now my smartphone pics. I used an app today called Camera ZOOM fx. Apparently I purchased it at some point back in the day... I don't usually pay for apps, so that is weird. This app actually has a macro setting, which is kind of cool. I used that setting to take a pic of the macro thingy I use... I looked for it on Amazon and found this, but I don't remember paying that much. Maybe I did... it was a long time ago. I used to really be great at macro, if I do say so myself. Here is a link to a page on my old photoblog so you can get a better look at what this little snap-on converter can do. Oooh and here is another page with some more of my favorites taken with this adapter... hmm... maybe I will spend some time looking back through these photos today. I had forgotten how much I loved this blog! Ok I am rambling... sorry!

Another project for today? Clean the baby puke off my camera bag! LOL! This was with that same app, using the dated polaroid frame setting.
Done forget to link up your smartphone pics over at One Mom's Perfect Imperfection this weekend! Cheers!


  1. hehe cute clown, and OH MY GOODNESS! Not the camera bag! LOL

  2. Wow, I love what that adapter can do...I might have to look into one! And, oh my goodness, whenever I'm down at work, I think I'll have to pull those pics up too...they're so adorable!!

  3. That cute little clown could cheer anyone up. Great pictures!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the clown photos! Can't help but smile at a baby in a clown wig :) And now I am off in search of one of those macro adapters. Very cool!

  5. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Here is a link to those snack cups but you can find them at Walmart. That's where I got them.

  6. Oh Em Gee!!! How cute is that baby??!? I LOVED those pictures!

  7. I'm sure these gave his daddy a good laugh!

    Thank you for the link to the macro lens mount, too - I'm very interested in this!

  8. The baby clown pics are priceless~ I am still smiling! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)

  9. Haha, love the clown pics!

    What model camera is that? It looks like mine, I have a Nikon d3100.


  10. Aww this is so cute!! I'm following from Comment Love day and I sure lovve your blog & photos. Hope you'll come visit :)



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