Day 63

Friday, March 4

I added the Coffeeshop Moody Pop action to this, because I thought it gave it that carnival feel ;)


This is one of A's new favorite toys. It is actually part of a whole Little People carnival, and he loves the whole thing. I love watching him and Daddy sit down and play together. Daddy was at work today, though, so it was all about the bubs for today!

So, I tried to find something on my blog here today, and realized how very little attention it has gotten in the area of design. I don't even have an archive section! Soooo... I am going to be working on a brand new look, and can't wait to share! I don't usually make too much a of mess when I design, but if I do please bear with me!


  1. Really like the new header and the wonderful pop of color on the little peoples ferris wheel.

  2. The header is AWESOME! Cute toy.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new header!!!!

  4. Looks great and so does your blog!

  5. I love your header!

    Super cute picture. The circus looks like fun. We have part of the sell but not that part.

  6. Aww Branson!! I LOVE your new blog look, and the header.. aww those photos would be my favorite. Those were the most memorable for me when you posted the brown monkey shot..etc. LOVE IT!!


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