Day 69

Thursday, March 10

Project 365 Friends: Please take a moment to read the paragraph at the bottom of this post!

Tonight was our weekly family dinner... first one in a few weeks since we have been sick. It was one of those nights when none of the kids wanted to cooperate for a "photo shoot", so I am posting some snapshots... all shot on manual (go me!) and all SOOC other than some cropping. I am getting better at leaving the camera on manual for everyday social situations... as long as there is decent light! ;-)

For those of you who read my other blog, you might know that I do a Friday feature called "The Best of The Best" where I highlight other bloggers. I would like to do one specifically for 365 blogs one of these days, and when I do I would like to post the actual photo on my blog with a link to your blog prominently displayed. The whole goal is to get people out to visit the blogs I love. I know not everyone is going to be comfortable with letting me post their photos, but if YOU are okay with it, can you let me know in the comments today? That way when I decide to do a photoblog feature I can know which blogs I have to choose from! And I always let everyone know when I feature them... you can see an example of one of these posts here.


  1. You do your reading on your phone? Haha I just noticed the your new comment above. lol

    These are GREAT! Yay you for doing everything on manual. These are beautiful for SOOC. Very impressed. That last photo is absolutely priceless! LOVE!

    If you'd like to use my photos, got no problem with it since you're linking. ;) That's all a girl needs. :)

  2. Oh so cute! I am fine with you posting pics :-) Sounds like a good way to see new blogs!

  3. go you, for leaving it in manual

    great idea, I'm ok with it

  4. Oh what a great idea... I'm totally cool with that.


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