Day 73

Monday, March 14

Today was one of those days... the baby was uncooperative, the husband was cranky, the mama was uninspired.

Todays prompt: Yellow


 Maybe some editing can save these photos... we will see on Thursday!


  1. Well, you know the WB kinda goes with the theme :) I'm sure you can save them pretty easily.

    I think the key to the "calmness" is planning ahead. It only took me an entire year to learn that! But really, today's shot I had been thinking of for the past couple of weeks. I always have something on standby so that I'm not just taking a picture just to post something. Does that make sense? And doing this last year sort of primed my senses, so I notice more things to photograph (like yesterday's pic).

  2. LOL, we all have those days! If you shot in RAW they are completely salvageable, as I just learned in my photo class. In you can go into "colors" and select "neutral selctor" then click on something white or gray in the photo. It will adjust your colors accordingly.

    Otherwise, cute! :) Hope tomorrow is a fantastic day!

  3. I can't wait to see your edits with these. I started doing that challenge and just haven't had the time to do it lately, 365 seems to take up so much of my time!

    I totally understand those day. I've had a few lately. I feel it's the weather, I'm ready for it to warm up. It always seems to get everyone's mood up!

  4. I hear ya! Hope everyone's having a better day today!! ;) I really love the last shot!


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