Day 77

Friday, March 18

I am out of the "bloggy office" this weekend ;-) My mother-in-law and two of my brothers-in-law came up to visit! And the coolest part? The BiL pictured below, Pete, is staying when they leave! Which means until he finds a job I have a live-in "manny" hehe. Maybe I will finally get to figure out my camera and read some books and tutorials! I will do my best to post a photo tomorrow as well, but you will probably just get camera phone pics this weekend. Thank goodness for iPhoneography, huh?
As usual, shooting with the Motorola Droid X and the Vignette app... just realized tonight that the resolution on this app was turned way down to 3.2! I wondered why my photos hadn't been very sharp lately!


  1. Yay for visitors and mannys. ha ha! have a great weekend!

  2. WOO send him over when your finished I could use a manny too :-)

  3. Ahh, enjoy your company and that new manny!! ;)

  4. HAHA - love it! A manny. Sweet snapshots! Hope the visit is going well and you're enjoying your time. Have a great weekend and thanks again for linking up!

  5. It's so cool that you have a manny!


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