Day 78

Saturday, March 19

The Hubs <3

 And I never got a chance to post my good to wow edit for this week! Here you go:

It has been wonderful having company here this weekend! Aiden has been amazingly well-behaved! He is always a good baby but he warmed right up, skipped a couple naps, and still was a jolly good little fellow! Last night he kept laughing in his sleep, and did not want to miss any fun by sleeping... he gets that from his Mama. Of course these days I would gladly take a little more sleep, haha. Hope everyone is having an equally great weekend!


  1. Aww! Such good pictures of them both. And the second is definitely "good to wow!"

  2. GREAT pics of them both. Think your little man looks like his daddy. awesome edit!

  3. I was going to say that too - he looks like Daddy. Nice edit :-)

  4. Great job getting your husband in a photo!

    The good-to-wow is REALLY GOOD!

  5. Amazing difference the edit made. You are really getting good at editing.


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