Day 88

Wednesday, March 30

Ok, I am exposing myself as the closet geek I am with this post! Haha. Last night we were all about the Heroscape. It is so much fun, and provided a great opportunity for me to take a couple photos of something unique during the infinitely long setup process. I love how these ended up looking like illustrations. I used a free texture from Kim Klassen. (I think... 99% sure it is one of hers. Even if it isn't you should check her out! I get a free texture every week by being on her mailing list)

And now, because I have been a little down lately, I thought I would throw in some fun just so you know I am not always so grouchy! LOL! And no, I did not take the gem in the bottom right... my sister and hubby left me that surprise on my camera while I was rocking A to sleep. As a thank you, I am posting it here for the world to see! hehe ;-)


  1. Your family looks like they are a blast to be around. Totally something I would do to an unsuspecting victim.

  2. Great shots! Love the textures too.


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