Day 95

Tuesday, April 5

Day 1 of the SITS Spring into Action Photo Challenge was all about composition and perspective. The assignment was to shoot the same subject from lots of angles, moving yourself and not the subject. My collage of a few of my shots is at the bottom. We had a lot of fun in the park during this lovely spring weather. However, I had one of those tragic rookie mistake moments when I realized after I was done shooting that my ISO had been on 1600 the whole time! I still liked some of the photos enough to post, though! Oh... and I might have gone a little photo challenge crazy today, hehe!

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This one makes me laugh!
Click twice to enlarge

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  1. Great shots! I like the first and second ones especially! Great cropping in the 2nd one!

    I've made that ISO mistake so many times, even recently. I'm getting better about checking my ISO, but that's probably my biggest regular mistake!

  2. Love love love the first one!

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that collage! This is too cute. I wish Adalyn would stay still so I could do something like this. What a fun challenge, I think I'm going to go check it out.

  4. Oh gosh. He is so cute.

  5. I love all the different angles. Don't worry about the ISO. I think they turned out great and we've all done that.

  6. I LOVE all those faces in the collage!


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