Day 127

Saturday, May 7

Okay so I am warning you... todays shots totally creeped me out. In fact I kept getting the creeps while editing them... yuck! But I feel compelled to share that creepiness with all of you! I know my focus was not spot on in these. I was shooting with no tripod in a very awkward position to get them. (Oh and I promise there is a cute bubs at the bottom of the post to make you forget the creepiness ever happened...)


  1. that is totally creepy but beautiful at the same time. he's such a cutie pie.

  2. Yes, creepy indeed!!!! Beautiful shots though! You have such a beautiful blog! Don't remember where I found you, maybe at FTLOB?

  3. Actually, they are pretty awesome shots. Nicely captured. But certainly not nearly as awesome as the young man ~ what a cutie.

  4. That first one is killer!
    Pun slightly intended.
    But yeah, Karlee saw it over my shoulder while she was eating and it toatally freaked her out. =)

  5. I think they're really cool and really creepy. I can't make out exactly what it is. A spider eating a fly?


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