Remember when bedtime meant sleep?

Wednesday, May 9

Last night Matt had to go in to work at 2am. Now obviously this totally threw our schedule off, but actually it was not the main reason I got no sleep. No, the culprit this time was a Fiber Plus snack bar. A stole one right before bed, and gobbled it down. As a result he woke up at 11 needing a new diaper. Then at 3:30... needing a new diaper. Then at 8... that's right, needing a new diaper. Good grief! Of course after the 3:30 diaper change he refused to go back to sleep. So I brought him in my room and put him in the playpen, and crawled back in my own bed. For the next half hour or so this is what I heard...
(sound of soothie sucking)
A: "Mama?"
Me: "Time to sleep, bubby"
(fake snoring)
repeat. over and over and over.
Now I will admit that I am fond of the cute noises he makes, and the sweet little "Mama?" made me melt the first few times. But eventually I really just wanted to sleep! Eventually we both managed to fall asleep, and when I woke up this morning he got a good giggle out of scaring me silly. I completely forgot I had brought him in my room in the middle of the night, and did not expect him to pop up in the playpen!

These are the sleepless nights that I want to remember when I look back on how tired I was during the toddler years. Not the three poopy diapers necessarily, but the nights when I fell asleep to the sound of my little angel sweetly making sure mama was still nearby... and then my goofy little monkey practicing his fake snore.

I love this boy so much...


  1. awe! And it shows Branson. You are a great mama. :)


  2. Well at least his digestive system got a good cleaning! ;) yuck!

    I feel your pain though...teething I believe is our culprit for poor napping and 4:20 wake ups the past two nights. Thankfully, J wanted Daddy and when he was back asleep he came to sleep in my bed. So my 6am wake up was sweet baby noises and little hands reaching for my face. =)

  3. Oh, I remember the days of kids being in my room ALL NIGHT LONG! It gets better!

  4. So sweet! But I must admit, I don't miss those days one bit! :)

  5. I love how you look upon this moment and make it something worth remembering!

    We had a sleepless night last night. However no cuteness. Just my daughter who would cry if she wasn't touching my face?(had to be my face, not arm, or anything else..).

    Sweet in a way, really annoying in another.

  6. He is so dang cute. I just love those curls. I won't comment on the night time thing :)

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