Sensory Table Fun!

Tuesday, November 6

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this blog via pinterest, and was immediately sucked in to this guy's awesome sensory table creations! A was napping, so I broke out my hoarder-worthy collection of toilet paper rolls and other trash useful items and set to work! I loved the idea of having accessories that could be added and removed easily, and wanted to include several different elements. Here is what I came up with:

We call is A's feed lot, because we filled the sensory table with cracked corn and he likes to play with daddy transporting the "feed" in his trucks! I added the parmesan cheese shaker filled with cracked corn and he really likes it. Now I will say that this setup is quite a bit messier than his usual play, but that is what brooms are for, right?? Here is a collage of him and daddy playing... I must have deleted the individual photos, so this is as big as it gets (the dangers of doing these things on the phone!)

And speaking of phone pics, I thought I would share some favorites from this week for Ashley's Wittle People Wednesday! :)

I hope to start sharing more of my learning time fun here again! The amazing Amber and I have a hashtag we use on Instagram (I am @bransonlee she is @ambo14) - #toddlertrays - if you ever want to see what we have been up to! I haven't been on top of it the past couple weeks, but life is finally getting back to normal so hopefully I will pick up where I left off soon! I do love the fact that I get to be A's teacher, and watching him learn is often one of the best parts of my day!!


  1. It looks awesome! He is also getting so big. Sorry I haven't stopped by the blog much lately,

  2. You know I love this!!! I still haven't attempted anything like it, but I love it.

    And thanks for the sweet shout out.


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