A Blogger without a Blog...

Sunday, April 12

Why, oh why, must I always delete my blogs when I want to take a break? I should know by now that I am always going to want to blog again someday. Today it was simply wanting to share a new recipe that had me itching to post something. So, just out of curiosity, I thought I would see which of my blogs still existed. I miss the blogger days most of all. Wordpress was great, but it was just too involved for my lackadaisical posting habits. Oh, and I can no longer justify paying to host a blog that is rarely used. So... here I am. This was once my blog for my Project 365, back in the golden days of blogging that brought about many amazing relationships. So, it only seems fitting that I share a few photos of how much Aiden has changed since then. He is getting so big, I can hardly believe it. That is part of why I want to blog a bit again. Even if I only blog for a few months out of each year, I will have quite a collection of memories to look back on and share with him someday. Plus, it will help my overactive brain calm down a bit. That is why I really keep coming back here to find a place to write. I need to work some things out, and writing is my therapy. But for now, how about those photos...


  1. He is so handsome. =) Glad to see you back in blogland again.

  2. I miss your blogs about homeschool. :-( You gave me some great ideas. :-)


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