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Saturday, April 18

Being out of the habit of blogging makes it hard for me to figure out what to post here. So, just a little random rambling for today...

Aiden has mastered his scooter, at least as much as he can in our back yard. It is pretty amazing to watch him. He has figured out not only how to ride it "traditionally" but also how to make it do cool thing like move with the shifting of his weight while he sits on it. He still has no interest in figuring out his bike, but that is fine. At this point I think we will have to buy him a bigger one before he really learns, so I am in no hurry.

Last month Aiden got to take another art class on campus. It is always fun to take him to the college where Matt and I met. He hasn't been quite as interested in art lately, but I also haven't been quite as creative myself. If he asks for art I am always quick to provide the materials, but sometimes I forget to offer. It is one of those things where it will be important for me to plan it into our days instead of assuming it will naturally happen. I don't want him to lose his excitement for it!

Speaking of planning... homeschool continues to go well, although we are in a bit of an in-between place right now. When I researched curriculum and looked at placement tests for different things I was amazed at how much Aiden actually already knows. So, as I prepare for officially beginning Kindergarten in July (we will do school year-round) I have tapered off how much I am focusing on things before then. I plan to always include child-led learning in our lesson plans, which will make it necessary for me to be ready to research whatever topic he is currently interested in (right now it is butterflies) but I am also hoping to be fairly consistent with curriculum-driven work. Finding that balance will be my primary goal as we figure things out for next year. So, until then I am just following his lead... and thanking God that I have a pretty self-motivated boy when it comes to learning. I hope that continues! 

I find myself thinking a lot lately about what it will be like when Aiden's friends head to kindergarten. I also think sometimes about the fact that he would be in the same class as his two best buddies, who will both attend the Lutheran school I grew up attending. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a traitor not sending Aiden to that school. While I have complete confidence that homeschooling is right for our family (and Matt does too!) it doesn't mean I don't question myself... a lot. I have decided that parenting probably never gets t a point when you can make a decision and never question it. I realize too, though, that when his best buddy and his cousin both start school it will make it easier in some ways for us to integrate ourselves more into the homeschool community. Right now I enjoy spending time with other homeschoolers but I also feel like I kind of have one foot in two different worlds. 

I guess that kind of wraps up the family side of things for right now. We are definitely enjoying the spring weather after what seemed like the longest winter ever, and I am excited to see what these warm seasons have in store for us! I want to get back to writing about what God is teaching me through my Bible study, but those posts usually need to be written at 2:30 am... that is just my process, ha! Overall, it just feels good to be blogging a bit again. Some hobbies never die... they just fade in and out. ;) 

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