A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Tuesday, May 5

Would you look at this tiny guy? 

How is it possible that he is going to be turning five soon? 

My friend Stephanie shared a new app with me and it is bringing up all my old photos and I am all sorts of weepy looking through them, LOL! Well... except when I am laughing like crazy when I see things like this:

Anyhow, I anticipate you will be seeing plenty of old photos over the next few weeks as I get ready for Aiden's birthday. AND... you can go visit Stephanie's blog and enter to win the amazing 2 Terabyte photo storage thingy she is giving away. Wouldn't it make a lovely mama-versary gift for me? Ha! Okay, I made up the concept of mama-versary gifts, but I do really, really want one! ;) 

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