Motivation Monday - Week 1

Sunday, May 17

Okay, so... my fitbit bit the big one over a week ago. I am very thankful for the warranty replacement they are sending me, and their customer service was fine to work with... BUT I am having serious motivation issues without those happy little lights to flash on my wrist. I still don't really want to post workout stuff on instagram (except on my @bransongetsfit profile, but that is a pain so I don't really use it) so I am thinking maybe, just maybe, if I post my weekly goals here it will help me do better at keeping them? I do like keeping records and trying to hold myself accountable... so it is worth a shot!

My motivation photo for this week... this was when I was doing Couch-to-5k and was actually running. Not a lot, and very slowly, lol... but running. Right now I feel like there is no possible way I could even do that. So step 1 is getting back to this place. (Not c25k, but the place where I could even attempt c25k!) Step 2 is not quitting this time!! 

So, lets make this a fresh start and set some brand new goals. What I really want is to start lifting heavy again. When I was doing The New Rules of Lifting for Women I loved it! However, last time I started Matt ended up having hernia surgery (not from lifting weights, but the timing was bad!) and this time he has an injured hip... again with the bad timing! So I am going to have to put a pin in that idea for now. Then our rainy weather lately puts a damper on walking outdoors, so it is back to dvds for me. So, my workout goals for this week are:

1. Re-start the #fitin15 youtube challenge by completing Week 1
2. Do 1 DVD mile every morning after my Bible study time
3. Get in a couple extra miles to hit 10 miles for the week.

That will be 30-60 minutes of exercise M-Sa which is totally doable. Maybe my fitbit replacement will get here this week as well!

Other goals for the week:
  • No soda (I have had some lapses in my resolve to be soda free lately...)
  • No fast food (this one should be easy since I just made freezer meals and tightened our budget) 
  • Follow my cleaning checklists to minimize stress and clutter
  • No social media from 10-2 on weekdays
  • Bed by 9:30 (with the goal being to fall asleep by 10:30 and be up by 6:30 daily)
  • Finish The Best Yes
  • Lesson plan month 1 (August?) of Aiden's kindergarten lessons (if I plan 1 month each week I will be ready to go by fall... I think)
  • Spend lots of time with my sister and her kids who are in from out of town!
I think I can definitely handle all of those goals this week. Hopefully having them to refer back to will help, and even if no one reads them or mentions them just having them semi-publicly declared means I have to do them... right?

And... because we live in a Pinterest world (ha!) I created a board for inspiration... what should I add? 

Follow Branson Merrill's board Get Moving! on Pinterest.


  1. I love all your fitness goals! Will definitely pop back to see how you get on- I'm feeling inspired just reading them :)

  2. I'm a little to the link-up again this week as I'm away with the family. I hope by now you're feeling a little more motivated. You've some great goals there, I'm looking forward to seeing how you do next week :)



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