My little backyard explorer...

Friday, May 15

"Mama, will you go on an adventure with me? This is the jungle, and I will use my 'noculars to explore. Follow me." 

I am so thankful for our big yard and the little break in the rain tonight that allowed us to get out for a bit... it may have been a little soggy out, but the sunshine made up for that! I am definitely ready for a little more sun and a little less rain, but I guess at least it is good for the flowers! Can't wait until the peonies open!

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  1. Ohmigosh how very sweet and special! I love that he asked you to go with him, and that you captured it. There are awesome memories you've captured...and he's such a handsome fellow!

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!

  2. He's quite the explorer, and these photos are special memories.
    Please drop by Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) to link up!

  3. What a beautiful moment to capture. x #PointShoot

  4. Looks like you have a potential Sir David Attenborough on your hands.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a little explorer in the making. #pointshoot

  6. Aww he looks so adorable with his noculars! You are really lucky to have a garden this big and exploring is a must! #pointshoot

  7. Beautiful photos, thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot x


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