From Kitty Friends to October's End {10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week}

Friday, October 30

1. The neighbor kitties. We are not allowed to have pets, but Aiden really wants one. It makes me happy that the neighbor cats come over to play with Aiden. It is almost like him having pets... but we don't have to take care of them, ha!

2. A freezer full of meals for the week. While making freezer meals isn't my favorite, it has been awesome to not have to think too hard about meals this week!

3. My silly boy's love for costumes. He loves costumes year-round, but the week of Halloween is a good excuse to embrace this fun! He dressed as Darth Vader to go to the dorms, as Minecraft Steve for his taekwondo party, and will be a ghost tomorrow! Oh, and we can't forget the random clown wig wearing!

4. Talking baby names with both my best friend and my niece! I definitely love babies! Even if one of them has stolen my favorite baby name, ha!

5. A successful surgery for my niece. My 5-year-old niece ended up needing to have her appendix removed this week. I am so thankful for a good outcome after a stressful time!

6. Our awesome Pastors. One just had his first baby (yay!) and the other spent part of his day with my family in the hospital while Kylee was being treated. It is such a blessing to have them in our lives!

7. Prayer warrior friends. I was so comforted and encouraged by friends who prayed for my family and checked in with me this week when things were hard.

8. Aiden's love of writing stories and cards. He has recently gotten into spelling... he loves to spell words aloud for us. This makes me happy because I have to spell less words for him now, ha!

9. Time to reconnect with a good friend in person. Text messages are awesome, but nothing beats being able to spend time together in person. There is no substitute for mama friends who understand the challenges that are unique to this season of life.

10. Fresh starts. It has been a long week, but today is Friday which means I now have a weekend to reset and a fresh new week to look forward to! It is almost November... almost time to start getting festive. Life is good.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! How fun playing with the kitties - I bet he loves it! And those costumes - awesome! So happy for your niece - it's always so nerve-wrecking when there is something wrong with the kids! Sending hugs and wishing y'all a wonderful halloween weekend!

  2. Great week of memories!! Full of love and fun.

  3. I really loved this post! Most of these are simple things and the simple things in life often bring the most joy. I too love babies! I wish the best for your niece, she is so young! That is hard on everyone.

  4. I'm so glad you get to play with some kitties even if you can't have any of your own - I love my cats! And I love all of your son's costumes. The minecraft one is great!

  5. Love this list! What a cute kitty!!!

  6. What a great list and now to recharge and reset. That's really lovely hearing your neighbor extending his fur family to yours. That's really such a thoughtful gesture and I can see by the massive smiles, your boy loves it! :)

    Have a great evening and rest of the weekend, Branson. ;) xo

  7. What a wonderful week - I have to admit it can be great fun playing with kitties :) x

  8. Great post! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Your son is adorable. Sounds like you had a really great week. So glad your niece was OK too.

  10. Our kids would get along really well, I think. My girls also love to play dress up - every single day, even!


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