From Road Trips to Hot Sips {10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week}

Sunday, October 25

Y'all... it has been one crazy week. Like hands-down the craziest week yet since trying to refocus and find some sort of "normal"... which leads me to believe that my normal is just plain hectic. Which I refuse to accept. But anyway... this is my time to sit down and think about the happy parts of the week. So, here we go.

1. Road tripping with the family. We headed out to western Nebraska for my niece's wedding and it was fun to spend that time with my family. I was there primarily to photograph the wedding, but I still had some time to spend with the people I love as well. Even if my sister did have to replace a tire on the drive home, the actual road trip part was pretty fun as well!

2. The actual photos from the wedding have been making me (mostly) happy! I definitely struggle with being too critical of myself, but it is blessing to get to provide these photos for Arianna as a gift to her. (See more photos here)

3. Getting to see my oldest brother. I can't exactly remember the last time I saw him. Surely I have seen him since my Grandma's funeral in like 1999, right? Btw, how weird is it to type 1999 as a year I was an adult? Makes me feel old to talk about last century, haha! Anyhow, Cameron officiated the ceremony and getting to see him "in action" as a Pastor for the first time was awesome as well!

4. Hot apple cider. It is that time of the year!!

5. Continued learning in the book of 1 Peter during quiet time this week. I am almost done with this book finally! ;)

 6. Aiden making cookies with rainbow sprinkles for our teens. Baking with him always makes me happy, and his little boy creativity is the best!

7. Watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" with Aiden. He laughed and laughed! It was free to watch on either the ABC or CBS app for the kindle... can't remember which one!

8. A definite laugh-out-loud moment this week was when Aiden was inspired by a monster preschool post about an awesome balloon activity we did and disappeared for a few minuted only to return with this balloon he had drawn faces on! It makes more sense if you check out the post, but either way this was funny!

9. Aiden coming home from Taekwondo on Thursday and showing me his jump kick progress was!! I am so very proud of that kid! He earned another belt recently (I don't think I have mentioned that yet because I didn't get to do this post last week!) and when Matt and I heard this next form included jump kick we were wondering if he was really ready for that. He has shown us that he is, and even thinking about it now makes me smile so big.

10. Getting to talk about pregnancy and motherhood with my sweet niece Jenna who is expecting her first baby in January. She is definitely glowing these days, and I am proud of how she is so devoted to motherhood already.

Woohoo! I made it to 10! I know that my life is so blessed, but this was just a super hard week and I had to dig a bit. Doing so made me realize even more though how much there is joy even when things are tough. I can definitely say that I am starting to feel much better today, though. I remain hopeful as I prepare for a new week. God is SO good, and I know He is doing great things in my life every day. Bring on the new week....

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  1. I finally got a haircut, so that made me happy .My blog also got a makeover, which turned out great . Plus, I finally got a moms night out.

  2. I just love your niece's dress; it's so, so pretty. :) Thanks for linking up Branson :-) You are welcome to anytime. xo

  3. I love road trips too :) The lazy weekend made me happy!
    — DT | Here I Scribble


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