Homeschool Week-in-Review {#ParentTeacherMeetUp - Week 5}

Sunday, October 11

Welcome to week 5 of the #ParentTeacherMeetUp! We have loved seeing all of the posts linked up in the past month, and are excited to continue to get to know new blogger friends! If you haven't linked up with us yet, feel free to jump in at the bottom of this post! First, here is my week-in-review post!

What was your best teaching moment this week? I shared on instagram (this photo) the moment when I realized that Aiden had been working independently while I was watching a webinar and cleaning... this may not sound like a great teaching moment, but it was definitely a great homeschool moment. While I do not want Aiden to be doing school on his own, there is definitely something to be said for him being able to do SOME independent work! 

What was your biggest struggle? Honestly, my biggest homeschool struggle this week was just making myself take him to gym class and story time. I woke up cranky on Tuesday (our busiest day of the week) and just wanted to have a lazy day. But I got him where he needed to be, and we both enjoyed the activities as usual. 

Were there any milestones met or special accomplishments this week? When the school year started and all the friends Aiden's age went off to school I did worry a bit about him being lonely during the day when we aren't schooling or at activities. So, it isn't really a milestone or accomplishment, but it is worth noting that he has been playing really well with the younger neighbor boy. Typically Aiden plays with his older brothers, but since this little guy is at home without his brothers now he and Aiden have formed a friendship. I think Aiden also likes being able to be the "big kid" in the relationship. 

What resources did you use this week that were awesome? We did a great nature worksheet about leaf rubbings and Aiden absolutely loved it! He said it was "magic" and couldn't wait to do more! You can find the freebie HERE

Best kid quote of the week (bc you know they say some funny stuff) I finally remember one! Probably because my mom and I both about dies laughing when he said it. We were driving grandma around and he replied to something she said with "Indubitably, Captain!" Ha! He is such a goof. I will also mention here that I am noticing some of the last of his baby words are being replaced by the real ones. He no longer says "punkyum" instead of pumpkin and the no longer calls flamingos "fandangos" much to my dismay. I liked his little bubby-isms! 

Kid's choice: Share their favorite parts of the week from their perspective Aiden says his favorite part was "math" but since he always says math (partly because he DOES love Math, and partly I think because it is an easy answer), I made him pick something else. So he said he really liked making our goldfish card craft. When I asked him why he said "because leafy was my special pet. She is going to Missouri." I shared all about that project in this post: Fall Leaf Fishbowl Craft {plus: tips to encourage young writers}

Hopes for the week ahead. I thiiiiink I have finally made some serious progress in getting my own schedule figured out, and I look forward to now working on or school and family schedule. Still taking things one day at a time.  

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  1. i think sometimes my mom had wished homeschooling was around when i was a child :D

  2. I really like this format, it helps you clearly see patterns as well as the highs and lows of the week - something that I think others should do too. :)

  3. arch-nemesis. I love them and hate them all at once. I read recently about having a flow or a rhythm to your days verses having a schedule and it made all the difference for me. Maybe I should blog about that!?! ha.

  4. Thanks for sharing your linkup! It looks like you all had an awesome homeschool week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. It's so hard hard to fit a workout into our schedule too. It's parting all we have on our plate and part me find excuses. I'm trying to be a grown up about but it's this the worst. My goal is workout before the kids wake up but that rarely happens. Lately, we workout "together." I workout and they do cosmic yoga.


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