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Sunday, November 8

**We are making some changes to the #ParentTeacherMeetUp linkup, so I am posting my week-in-review separate this week. Join the linkup HERE!**

What was your best teaching moment this week? Monday was awesome. We headed out to the wooded part of the local frisbee golf course to do some nature study. Fresh air, exercise, interesting observations and imaginative dialogue (Aiden protected me from enemies with his imaginary bow and arrows) as we went along made this an excellent day!

What was your biggest struggle? Oh man, it was a rough week emotionally. Really rough. One of those where hitting rock bottom is actually good because you can finally push off and start traveling back up. It is never pleasant in that moment, though.

Were there any milestones met or special accomplishments this week? Aiden did really well with his online piano lessons this week. I don't know that there was anything particularly outstanding about what was accomplished this week, but I enjoy seeing his progress in his music.

What resources did you use this week that were awesome? For me, a big part of this week was learning more about my unique child and considering some things I hadn't considered before about his development. I learned a lot about "asynchronous development" and giftedness (I admit I am a wimp about using the G-word...) and I am still seeking out more and more information, including stalking the blog My Little Poppies. I also find myself thinking more and more about handling education with more of an unschooling approach, especially in light of what I am learning, and Erin at Nourishing My Scholar is a huge inspiration in that area.

Best kid quote of the week: I know there were a couple zingers this week, but I am tired and cannot for the life of me remember them. He still often cracks me up with his descriptive phrases though. He told me today something was "positively dreadful" and it cracked me up. I know that phrase isn't that hilarious on its own, but he is just so Aiden... his sense of humor is awesome.

Kid's choice (share their favorite parts of the week from their perspective): Playing the Arthur library game and going to homeschool gym class.

Hopes for the week ahead. Honestly, this week I just hope to enjoy time with my boy more, and worry and stress less. We both need some time to just relax and enjoy each other's company. So much of this homeschool journey has been good, but it has also been really rough in so many ways. Trial and error make work okay for an adult, but it is hard on a 5-year-old I think.


  1. What incredibly gorgeous photos! And love that he said something was "positively dreadful"--it sounds like he has a wonderful sense of humor :)

    Love all of these outdoor photographs. I think that must be one of the best things about homeschooling--getting outside, breathing good, clean air. Have you ever seen the movie "Wish I was Here" by Zach Braff? I dunno why, but your post reminded me of it.


  2. Sorry you had a rough week, but your son is adorable. Looks like a great time outdoors, and looks like he's really having fun. Hope this week is better!

  3. I remember the first year we homeschooled. It was rough and stressful. We are now in our fifth year and it is amazing how you are able to let things go a little bit easier. Once I started with more of an unschooling approach for them when they are young, the more I saw my children flourish and the more I saw them hitting those milestones successfully. And don't think about trial and error as something that is rough on a 5 year old. At least he isn't being forced to do something that doesn't jive with him like he would be in public school. Think of trial and error as being able to know and understand your child on a deeper level more than any amazing teacher would be able to. You've go this mama. I promise something will click and you'll look back and go, "Oh, I'm so glad it worked out this way!"

  4. I'm sorry this week was rough!
    It looks like he had a fun time learning outdoors, though. Love the last picture!


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