10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Monday, December 21

  1. Aiden earned another belt in taekwondo. I am so proud of this kid. He has worked really hard. 
  2. Decorating cookies with our college girls. We "adopted" a couple of college student through our church and we just love having them visit. We had a lot of fun with our cookie decorating, and then Aiden got them to play Trouble with him. He loves when they come to play!
  3. My brother helping us with our van. We have been having battery problems, and hopefully he fixed it this weekend! Aiden had fun "helping" him and asking lots of questions while he worked. 
  4. Dark chocolate peanut butter. (Grab a coupon here! I am excited to be working with SKIPPY natural right now!) We made some tasty treats with it, and Aiden wants to just eat it with a spoon all the time now ever since I let him be the "taste tester" ha! More about that in this post
  5. Aiden's darling imagination. I posted a photo on instagram of the "lego baby" he made the other night. It is little things like this every day that make me smile. 
  6. The school that is a part of our church had their Christmas worship this weekend. It was lovely. Aiden got to see his buddies in their robes, and I have to admit one of the best parts was when he yelled "Amen!" during Pastor's prayer. It got some chuckles from those around us, but I just love his enthusiasm. 
  7. My friend Emily who ran a super helpful errand for me and is often a sounding board for my many, many thoughts whether she wants to be or not, ha! And it makes me happy that she blogged recently! Twice!! Go visit her blog (one of the cutest blogs ever!!) and encourage her to meet that goal! 
  8. Making dipped pretzels with Aiden. What made HIM happy was eating lots of sprinkles during the process. 
  9. Snuggles with Aiden. He is just the sweetest, and I am so glad he is still such a big fan of his mama and snuggling up together! 
  10. A perfectly timed text from a dear friend with this video... 

I haven't been blogging much lately because things have been crazy busy here (and I hate saying that... busy is NOT my goal!) but I do have plans to keep up with it and am really looking forward to where 2016 will take me in this space! Thanks for reading, and for keeping me motivated to keep posting when things get nutty! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas week!


  1. Ah, the little things in life that make us happy~

  2. The school that I work at had their Christmas service this week too. They're always so much fun! At ours, the preschoolers stole the show. (And were the most represented!)

    Have a wonderful week! Hopefully the busyness slows down and you can enjoy the holiday. :)

  3. So many little things to be happy for! I love decorating cookies and baking this time of year!

  4. It's always great to see how it really is the little things in life that make the most impact on our hearts!


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