Fa la la la la {10 things that made me happy this week}

Monday, December 14

The first two weeks of December have gone by so quickly, I can't even believe it. I never imagined I would be working so much this month. While it is great to be able to help ease some of the financial burden we have been experiencing, it has meant a whole lot less time for the things I usually have going on this time of year. I have been working on giving myself grace as I focus more on what is really important, but I think taking some time to think of my 10 things is more important than ever this week!

  1. A lesson in simplicity from my 5-year-old. When presented with a whole page full of craft ideas he had his heart set on making simple candy canes from pony beads and pipe cleaners. That kid... always teaching me something!
  2. Another lesson from Aiden (he is always bringing me joy!) that made me smile was when he had Matt pause in the reading of a story about creation to bow his little head and pray to tell God that he loved His creation. Then they resumed the story. Excuse me while my heart melts. 
  3. How excited Kylee was about her bat-shaped salt dough ornaments. Sometimes I still manage to rock as an aunt. 
  4. Holden evening prayer for Advent services. This is my very favorite service, but usually it is done on Saturday night with a small crowd. To hear this beautiful, music-filled liturgy with so many voices on Wednesday night is a true gift. It is one of those things that just makes my heart overflow with worship and praise. 
  5. Our yearly cookie day with our dear friends. We missed the pumpkin patch this fall, and it kind of broke my heart. So I am so very happy we were able to keep this tradition!
  6. Black Pepper Oil. I kept saying I couldn't imagine ever buying it but for some reason it was one of those oils I always thought I wanted. So when I got the chance to combine sales and grab it I did and I kind of love it!
  7. Lasagna. After reading this post I knew I just had to make lasagna sometime soon! I made it for Matt's brother and it was just right. 
  8. Samuel. That kid. He is Matt's youngest brother and has always had a special place in my heart since he used to call me his sister when he was just a kid. He embraced me right away when I married Matt, and we are both left-handed so I like to thing we share that mutual awesomeness, ha! He is not exactly a kid anymore, but he is still an awesome little bro-in-law!
  9. Hot tea and good books. 
  10. My husband. He is amazing and has been such a blessing these past couple of weeks especially! 
And in case that wasn't enough... there is this...

What made YOU happy this week?


  1. Awe, even with a busy week you many grand blessings.

  2. What a perfect post. It's not always easy to keep our eye on the joy and wonder of family and friends when we're all caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season... but it really is all the little things that make this time of year so magical.

  3. So happy to hear what makes you happy! I hope your Christmas is wonderful!

  4. Even though it seems to have been super busy, I hear you on that, you had so many happy moments and such wonderful blessings! Love how you still "see" them all in the whole craziness of the holidays! Hang in there friend! xxx

  5. Sounds like a week filled with happiness :) I'm happy to have the next two weeks with my boys! Merry Christmas!!


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