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Thursday, December 3

*Note: This is not a sponsored post. My love for these books is entirely my own! I did, however, reach out to the publisher who agreed to give me a copy of their new treasury (which we already own and love!) to give away to one of my readers! You can find that giveaway here!

Today's 4 Gifts post is the one I have been waiting for! If you follow me anywhere, especially on instagram, you know that I am the mama to a little bookworm. We love books. Especially used books! And library books! There is one kind of book that we always buy new, though, and that is our Arch Books. These are our number one choice for Bible storybooks, and I can't say enough how much we treasure them. The originals have been around since the '60s, and Matt and I both remember reading many of them when we were children. Now, we get to share them with Aiden! And there are plenty that are new to all of us! He is a huge fan of his "Jesus books" and reads at least one almost every day now. 

I love these particular books for three primary reasons: 

  1. They are scripture-based, and provide a guide for parents in every title! These books are about teaching children about God in a way that we are commanded to in Deuteronomy 6. They are written for children, but do not water down the Word.
  2. While being solid in their lessons, they are also FUN! They include rhyming text and a wide variety of illustrations. The illustrators differ from book to book, so as you collect them you get to see things in many different visual styles! I love that! 
  3. They are affordable! Any parent knows that books can be very expensive. These, however, are priced to get them into the hands of families! You can buy them individually for $2.49 or less (they have sales often) but they also offer a subscription service for families. We get a new shipment of Arch books quarterly, and they come at a great discount! They also sent us a free wooden shelf to hold our collection with the first shipment. You can find out about the Family Arch Book Club here. 

While I was browsing around the website, I noticed this compilation of Christmas arch books that is on sale right now. I think we will definitely need to pick this one up! While we have several Christmas books, it would be ideal to have a nice treasury of them like this! 

Click Here to look inside this book!

One more thing I should mention is that CPH has what I think is hands-down the best children's Bible around! We purchased this Bible for Aiden a couple of years ago, and it is the only one we use! We have been given a couple of others, but they don't really compare. I could write a whole post about this, but for the sake of this post I will keep this brief! This Bible is currently 33% off on the website, though, so now is the perfect time to check it out!

Don't forget to head over to my instagram to enter to win a copy of the Arch Books Treasury!

Charitable Giving - Lutheran Bible Translators

I love the idea of making donations to organizations that make a difference instead of buying gifts. If someone were to give to Lutheran Bible Translators on my behalf this year, I would be thrilled. It is so hard to imagine that there are people who do not have access to God's Word in their own language. We so often take it for granted that we can pick up a Bible and read for ourselves. I also rarely think about the fact that even when the Scriptures have been translated into a language, there is still the matter of education to see to, so that the people can actually read it for themselves. Here is some of what the LBT website has to say about this: 

Giving people access to God’s life-changing Word in their language involves translating the Bible in written form as well as equipping people with the skills to read and write in their language. Often it also involves creating audio versions of Scriptures, or helping people develop forms of worship that are meaningful within their culture.
Bible translation does not happen in isolation. Our field work often involves language development (recording history, creating dictionaries, documenting culture), health development (AIDS awareness, trauma healing training), and physical development (water systems, farming techniques). LBT will call upon specialist organizations to help with requests outside of our expertise.
There is definitely work to be done, and I thank God for those who are answering the call to do it! You can download a monthly prayer calendar from their website (December's can be found here) and you can also donate to this important work here.

Gift guide for the little bookworm in your life! These are our top picks for books to buy for Christmas - and they are all focused on God's Word! I also have a suggestion for some charitable giving to do this year!

Now for the #4Gifts GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Awesome books! And I did not even know about that translator program - how cool! I'm really glad you shared that!
    Also, I see in your little "about section" that you're LCMS - me too! A PK actually :) and so is my husband!

  2. I've never heard of arch books! I'll have to look into those! Also I think it's great your getting the word out for bible translation!


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