Still Trying to Find a Routine... #ParentTeacherMeetUp

Saturday, January 16

This week for us was another week of just trying to adjust to our new schedule. Aiden has done a fantastic job helping watch baby girl, and has fed her bottles and read her stories. It is darling watching him grow as a little caregiver... he is very sweet!

We also:
  • Mixed colored water (he prefers this over actually painting)
  • Worked on snap circuits
  • Read lots of books
  • Did some catechism copywork
  • Played prodigy, reading eggs and math seeds
  • Wrote a card to a friend in the hospital
  • Practiced kitchen skills
  • Played games together
  • Listened to good music and played the organ (although we haven't resumed actual lessons yet)
I know this post is a quick one... I will work on answering the questions again last week. Right now things just still feel pretty disorganized, and so do my thoughts. I am going to really try to start establishing some kind of morning routine this week. That is my number one goal! Hopefully I will have good things to report next week!

Oh, and bear with me as I work on my blog redesign... my header was done by my incredible friend Stephanie! Love it!

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