Cornerstone Lutheran Academy - Week 2

Monday, August 15

This week was our first full week of combining homeschool with providing child care for our little buddy. Overall, it went really well! We are finding a good routine that works well with her nap schedule, and both kiddos are enjoying our "recess" adventures. Monday - Wednesday were definitely solid school days. Thursday is our day to help my mom, so we aren't as scheduled then. Now Friday... Friday was a different story entirely. Friday we were exhausted and school just wasn't going to happen. Which is fine... that is why we school year round!

Highlights from this week:

  • We love, love, love Story of the World! Those lessons were highlights for me, and Aiden retained a lot from them.
  • Aiden continues to do awesome at math. I appreciate the fact that we can stop as we need to when something doesn't click. This week we needed a review of even/odd numbers, and now he is a rockstar at them!
  • Aiden's vocabulary cracks me up. He came in the other day to tell me "Daddy declares he cannot find the sprinkler." Just little word choice things like that amuse me. 
  • Aiden got his medal for finishing the summer reading challenge this week, and we are now officially done! We are excited for the fall programs to start at the library now!
  • I found some of his old stories this week, and it was encouraging to see that his handwriting really has improved greatly! 
Outside of homeschool, we also had a productive week! We are now finally totally moved out of the apartment. We made huge progress on mom's garage this week... although we put the last of our junk from the apartment in there after that so we will have to fix that before we continue work, ha! I cut off 16+ inches of hair this week! I donated 16 inches, but there was still a LOT of hair on the floor after that as well! I got some freezer meals made this weekend, so we can simplify that part of this coming week and maybe not be so exhausted on Friday. Oh, and we had dinner with friends on Friday night and that was delightful. Things have been so hectic that we have had very limited social engagements lately! It was great to catch up. 

In the coming week I look forward to continuing to work out our new schedule. I am also excited to add in more hands-on activities. I get frustrated sometimes because there is so much I want to do, but I have been reminding myself that we will get to that place. I just have to focus on building the foundation right now! We are really just getting started here!! So, bring on the new week and the new chances to learn and have fun! We are ready!

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  1. Wow! 16+ inches!! I thought I was daring taking my hair from shoulder length to barely being able to tuck it behind my ears.


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