2016... what a year! Let's review...

Saturday, December 31


  • Celebrated the marriage of my sister, Ryann!
  • Started caring for a sweet baby girl 3 days each week.
  • Spent lots of time with our newborn great-nephew and loved watching him grow!
  • Moved across town in with my mom at the end of the summer. 
  • Traveled to Missouri a couple of times, and enjoyed every minute there!
  • Met our best friend Erin's sweet new baby girl and soaked up lots of snuggles.
  • Finished out our 4 years as Godparent Leaders at church, and watched our kids all graduate from High School, along with our nephew Brodie.
  • Had the best Thanksgiving ever!


  • Turned SIX!
  • Earned 500 points and a medal in the library summer reading challenge. He is quite the bookworm, and can almost always be found with a Geronimo Stilton book nearby.
  • Broke his first board at Tae Kwon Do and has earned additional belts to become a Camo Belt now.
  • Took up the game of chess, joined chess club at the library and continues to impress us with his skills. Soon we will be unable to beat him (he already has beat both his parents on occasion).
  • Continued his homeschooling, studying a wide variety of things from piano to nature studies to astronomy. He loves science and writing his own stories. He has a family-only blog where he loves to create posts.
  • Enjoyed learning more about college football with Grandma... he is quite a Huskers fan!
  • Got his first "grown-up" Bible, and loves to study the Word and journal about it!
  • Improved at riding his bike with training wheels, and enjoyed moving to a house with a sidewalk out front so he can ride his scooter.
  • Enjoyed lots of fun times with family, cousins and friends!

  • Cut off (and donated) 16 inches of hair! 
  • Continues to stay home with Aiden, serving as his primary homeschool teacher.
  • Helped plan an awesome VBS and worked on the Godparent program at church before beginning a sabbatical from church work. 
  • Enjoys finding time to study the Word and has been learning a lot about prayer.
  • Recently rediscovered the fun of fitbit challenges when the siblings all got one!
  • Has appreciated the opportunities to serve her friends and family this year during the tough times, as well as celebrating the good ones with them!

  • Continues to work at Tenneco, although he has changed departments here and there. He is a jack of all trades there and has made great friends.
  • Serves as communion assistant at church, and even manages to find robes long enough for him.
  • Enjoys connecting with his brothers via playstation, and spending time with his brother Sam who still lives here in town. 
And of course there are lots of great photos...


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful year.

  2. Awe. I've missed your photos since not being able to have Instagram anymore! Your hair is adorable. Happy New Year!


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