2017 - Chapter 2/52

Sunday, January 15

Week 2 - False Start

This was the week when everything was supposed to get back to "normal" finally. We were ready to resume homeschool and day care and everything that goes along with that. While there were some definite successes this week, there was also an overwhelming sense that something was out of sync.

We had a great first day of school. We loved having our day care honey back. We made healthy choices by getting back on track with our green smoothie mornings. Aiden even finally made it back to taekwondo on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday night, though, things were starting to fall apart a bit. 

We got some bad news from Matt's mom about a setback in his dad's condition. We were dealing with some other extended family stuff. Aiden was complaining of a sore throat and I somehow injured my hip. Matt stayed home on Thursday to process what was going on with his dad, and I spent the day in bed forcing myself to rest my hip. That was HARD. I hate not being able to be up and busy. 

I tried to stay busy with what I could do from bed. I worked on homeschool planning and other online things. I did my best to enjoy spending some time just snuggling with my little guy who curled up by my side regularly throughout the day to keep me company. Overall, it was just frustrating for me. 

Friday... let's just not talk about Friday. It was a bad, bad day. 

It was at this point, I think, that I started hearing a football referee voice in my head... "False start. On the offense. 5-yard penalty. Repeat first down." Yep... I am a Husker girl who thinks in terms of football sometimes. I just felt like we had tried to do too much too fast and as a result we lost our balance and stepped over that line before the team... er, family unit... was ready. We definitely felt the penalty, but the beautiful part is that we now get to reset and repeat the down, right? 

We won't get to redo this past week, but we get to start again on Monday and do our best to learn from the hard parts of last week and move on. I love that fact. Not only do we get to learn from the hard parts, but we get to celebrate the good parts, too! We really had some great school days, and that is something I want to celebrate! We had a pretty seamless transition back to providing day care for our favorite cutie, and that is worth celebrating as well! Aiden did well at taekwondo after a significant break, so that is a weight lifted. 

These things are going to motivate us to keep pressing forward and working to find a rhythm that allows us to finish the week strong instead of crumbling at the end. Even if that doesn't happen in the coming week, we will continue to be given opportunities to learn and grow. There is always the chance to keep trying. That fighting spirit is what I want to focus on as this year continues. 

I feel like last year, towards the end especially, I gave up too fast. I was so worn down that it was hard to keep focusing on learning and growing from the struggles I was facing. I have been reminded as this year begins to rely not on my own strength, but the strength and grace that comes from being a child of God. If I focus on His will and His strength, I can rest in the hope of what is to come. What a gift! 

So, here's to week 3... and 4-52 as well! 

Here are my project 365 photos for this week (I had to throw in a couple phone pics, but that is life!):


  1. It often feels like 3 steps forward 2 steps back but we do get to start/try again the next week. Your photos are just lovely and the Lego guys on the fan made me smile... I find those little guys everywhere!

  2. Don't you just hate when the week goes sideways like that! I was just getting into the swing of things of getting back to work.. and Wednesday Olivia woke with a fever, and was home the rest of the week. Yesterday, we had another kid down, today I am feeling sick... So I don't have high hopes for this week. I hope your week goes better. <3


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