It's Never Too Late to Give Thanks - 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Tuesday, February 15

Yep, I am behind on my attempt to blog weekly already! Ha! Considering I am really just doing this to reflect and keep a record that is okay. I have to admit that it is going to be harder to think back to last week though. My brain is not working so great right now. But I will try...

1. Amazing Homeschool Mama Friends - I have been truly blessed with great local relationships lately. This is something I prayed for year after year in Nebraska. God has really opened a lot of doors over the past few years, and has shown me so much about friendship and love. I really need to spend some time digging in to this, because it has been quite a journey. I am learning that fellowship won't always fit the mold you have created in your head, and that people can bless us in so many different ways. Lots to think about there, but for the sake of this post I am just thankful for the mamas I am working with to help take our local co-op forward. 

2. My Bookish Boy - So... my library card expired this month. Or maybe it was at the end of last month. The point is that it expired. And this completely wrecked me for a hot minute. I never know what is going to trigger my anxiety, but this was the final straw this time apparently. So I am thankful for a sweet boy to encourage me to go do the things that need to be done, and for how much he loves the library (even if I still miss our Nebraska library 4 years later...)

3. So many words. How have I written so many words and I am only on #3? I am thankful for my mind...even when it uses too many words. 

4. Music! It's funny... for most people music is a given. I really don't listen to music a whole lot though! So sometimes it hits me fresh what a blessing it can be. This week especially it was the song Nobody by Casting Crowns. Oh and discovering Anne Wilson with Aiden.

5. MAHC -  I have been trying real hard to make sure all of these aren't co-op related, but with it being the first week back it really did kind of consume our week. Day 1 was amazing! I am making a real effort to connect with people instead of hiding in classrooms when I am not teaching and it is really blessing me.

6. Aiden's Love of People - Switching Aiden to afternoons this semester means he is with all new kids. I love that he was so excited to tell me all about the new friends he made. I may be content to stay home all the time, but this kiddo has a heart for people and I love to see God nurturing that!

7. The Student Physician I Saw This Week - So I am not the biggest fan of student physicians. I don't go to the doctor a lot, and when I do I always have super high anxiety. So when they asked if a student could see me first I was so very unhappy. I said yes though. I always say yes. Such a people pleaser. Anyhow, this student was amazing. There was something about him that instantly put me at ease and I have not had such a pleasant doctor's visit in a very long time. 

8. Homeschool Flexibility - It has been a rough few days, and I am especially thankful today that we have flexibility in our schedule. We have been banking extra hours for when we need days off and it has definitely been break time here lately. I am looking forward to diving back in soon though.

9. Matt's Vehicle Repairs - I am definitely happy that Matt's vehicle was able to be repaired at a reasonable cost. That is a huge weight lifted. 

10. The Courage to Keep Trying - We are switching my meds again. I could say a lot about this, as it has been a pretty awful transition. Instead, I will focus on the fact that I am able to keep trying. There was a time not long ago when it would have been too overwhelming to even try. I pray we get it right soon, but for now I am just thankful for progress. 

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