Week 3

Saturday, January 22

Holy smokes I am feeling a little overwhelmed today! So much to do, and so little time! =) I did try installing a new comment format. I chose this one so I could reply to comments, and because I have the least problems with this format when visiting blogs on my phone! Hope it works well for everyone, and please let me know if it makes you cranky or less likely to leave a comment because I love to hear from you! I know I have talked with several of you about comment formats... this one was found at and was super easy to set up. I know a lot of people use disqus, but there are days when I want to throw my phone at the wall because it refuses to work with their format, haha. So there ya go... and now I return to my crazy day with the babe =)

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Okay, so until I figure out what I did wrong you have to click the post title to get to where you can comment if you are just on my main blog frontpage. I don't know if that makes sense... I will figure it out later, lol ;-)