Day 54

Wednesday, February 23

Ran the Coffeeshop Splendor B/W action  
I was so amazed at how much this looks like a photo of my mom in the tub as a baby! The vintage feel definitely adds to is, but the genes on my side of the family run strong, too ;-) Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday... I always enjoy being unplugged during the day on Wednesday! I have also been loving the series of guest posts that I run on Wednesdays over at My Reflection of Something! (gotta plug my other blog once in a while, right? hehe)

the long road


  1. I LOVE bathtime pics! This one is great. It's funny how our offspring can look like so many family member. I, too, sometimes see E's nanna in him. Sometimes me and sometimes my husband or even his dad! lol

  2. Just a sweet phooto. It is always fun to compare photos of our children!

  3. I LOOOOVE this one, gorgeous! xoxo


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