Day 90

Thursday, March 31

I know lots of moms brag about how their kids never needed a pacifier... but honestly I will kind of miss it when A doesn't use his anymore! He is just so darn cute with it! hehe...
 And now a little catch-up on Good to Wow! I am a whole week behind on posting edits. You may remember last week I posted an "after" photo of the rose Matt gave me for Valntine's Day. I thought I would put those photos side-by-side, fresh and dried, just for fun...

Linking this one up with the Simplicity Photography Challenge this week, since we don't have any flowers growing in these parts yet! ;-)

And now my edits for this week's {green} theme edits:

Brightened this one up a bit with a texture, and then removed the texture from the fruit and kept the color only.
Thought I would have fun with this one. Used the Moody Pop action on it!


  1. Moody Pop is a fun action. I think your SOOC was nice as is. Love the color of the kiwi.

  2. I hated having to make my daughter give up her pacifier when she was 2. She's such a hoarder that it's probably hidden in her room somewhere 4 years later.

  3. Very nice job with your edits - I really like what you did with the first photo.

  4. love the last two shots and edits! great job!

  5. the baby is adorable with his pacifier, my younger son loved his

    great job with the edits

  6. Great edits, loved the Moody Pop, I used it in my Green edits too! I gave you a shot out in my blog...thanks for the great idea!!!


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