Day 91

Friday, April 1

By golly, once I share my smartphone pics for the week for iPhoneography I will be caught up! So, here they are! Don't forget to link up are One Mom's Perfect Imprefection and I look forward to catching up on some comments next! I miss my 365 friends!!

First time riding in the cart... he chewed on the tag for these sandals, and then threw them out of the cart and freaked out! LOL!

We spent the remainder of the time hanging in Grandma's van... look at that hair! LOL!

Notice how he already has the "check over your shoulder" move down, hehe.


  1. At least he chewed on the tag and not the handle of the WalMart cart. Cute pics of your sweet boy.

  2. HAHA - I love it! I have pics of Keegan driving a car at that age as well. So nostalgic to see yours. GREAT snapshots this week, Branson! And thanks again for linking up!

  3. great shots, i can't believe he drives already :)


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