The Circle of Life (aka I feel old, haha)

Tuesday, July 24

I am so very excited about some things we have coming up in the near future at the church, and one in particular has me feeling all sorts of nostalgic (and old!). Today Matt and I found out that we will be leading one of the small groups for highschoolers this year. The program is called Godparents, and was started toward the end of my own High School career. The kids meet with their leaders in the home once a week for Bible Study and fellowship. We will have the same group of 8 (if another couple steps forward in time! Praying that happens, so we don't have 11 kids) for all 4 years, so it really becomes like a little family. We will also do some cooperative activities with other groups, and I am just so excited about the potential we have for building faith in these kids before they head off to college.

However, it is still  crazy to me to think of myself as the adult sometimes. Like I think about sitting with my high school peers in the home of my own Godparents, and I can't quite picture myself as the leader now. This is especially funny since Matt and I did youth ministry for three years in Missouri. It is just different here in my home town, with the memories of my own youth lingering. It is like how I still call one of the teachers from school by her "teacher name" instead of her first name when we are at Bible study together. I am sure she gets tickled by that, though. Better to be too polite than not polite enough, right?

It is just amazing how much God has been working in my life this year in particular. Giving Him time to work on me every morning has had such an impact on all areas of my life. I find myself growing on many levels, and really listening for His voice. Lately on multiple occasions the Spirit has moved me to pray for people about things before I even know why, and finding out later is beyond cool. It is just so awesome to have a Heavenly Father who really wants a personal relationship with me. I feel like I have learned so much about how to put that first, and am excited to share what I have learned with our teens.

When Matt and I did youth ministry before, God definitely worked through us according to our skills and knowledge at that point. Now, it is exciting to think of how much more I understand things, and how that will open new doors for Him to work through me. Life can seem so overwhelming at times, but those moments when it all makes sense are amazing. I remember the first time one of the young people I worked with confided in me about their experiences in foster care, or the people I have been able to relate to as a result of my dad's struggle with addiction. The pains of my past make me that much more prepared to love the people God places in my life who are going through the same thing, and that is so encouraging.

It is also exciting to be coming in to a program that has been running strong for 10+ years. Pastor showed us the manual that has everything we could possibly want for all four years in it... the thing is massive. We will have mentors who have served before us, as well as fellowship with 8-12 other couples serving right now. This is just very much a definite answer to my prayers about where we were meant to serve, and I feel that so strongly that I am kind of bouncing off the walls today. I know I have been a bit wordy lately, so I will end this with some cuteness...


  1. That's just so incredible Branson, and it still floors me that God chose me for you to pray for when you didn't know why!!!!!

    I know you will be great in this new roll! xo

  2. That sounds so awesome! It looks like God has a wonderful plan for you guys.


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