My Sweet Boy...

Tuesday, August 28

Bubby's vocabulary has definitely taken off in the past couple months. He is constantly trying to figure out new words, and find ways to communicate with us. One of the things I love most about this is that I get to see his sweetness come through even more. He has always been a very happy, silly, smart and independent little boy. Sure, he likes to snuggle with me before bedtime, and has gotten better about giving kisses and hugs to his relatives, but he is just not a real clingy baby. So it warms my heart that he now says "Come on, mama" and pats the floor next to him because he wants me to be nearby (pretty much all the time actually!). Or he says "Kiss, mama" out of the blue. The past couple of days he did a couple of things that I just had to share, though.

First, we were watching Kipper (hands down his favorite show in the world) and it was an episode with a magic frog in the puddle at the end of the rainbow. Well, at one point an elephant drank the frog's puddle so he couldn't get home. He was very sad, and started to cry. Now Aiden will jokingly sign cry very dramatically because he knows it makes me and Matt laugh, but he has never seemed upset by crying. Well as he watched this poor sad frog, he turned around to me, lip quivering and face turning red, and let out a giant wail! He was so sad for that poor frog! I of course rushed in to show him everything would turn out okay, but I couldn't help but melt a bit at this little glimpse into a loving heart.

The other thing happened the next day as bubs was watching me work out. I may have lost my balance and fallen off my exercise ball (yes I know... graceful...) and Aiden asked me "Are you okay, mama?" Such a simple little thing that wouldn't ususally give someone a second thought, to me was another reminder that this little person we have been raising loves us and cares for us. He is growing into a boy who will find his own place in this world, and every day is learning about love in addition to so many other skills and ideas. I definitely want to encourage things like compassion and love, and this was just a little reminder that it is never too soon to start thinking about these things!


  1. Awww. sooo sweet. He is growing up soooo quickly. I love looking at pictures of him!

  2. What a sweet little thing. :)

    Oh, I would have totally laughed at you for falling off the ball. It is something I would (um, have) done.

  3. He sounds like he is a little love bug! I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way :o) These pictures are so cute, especially that first one! Love the dimple!


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