Another Case of the Randoms...

Tuesday, September 4

I am beginning to wonder if I will ever really get back to blogging. I often think about blogging, I just can't ever seem to find time to do it. Then when I make time... like right now... I have no inspiration. *sigh*

So, how about some randomness? You know... since I am sitting here already I might as well type something before I move on to pinterest...
  • I emailed the parents of our teens today... I feel like the past month has gone by sooo slooowww! We finally get to meet our teens (hopefully all 12 of them!) next week! Tomorrow Matt will meet some of them when they go to a Christian concert together. Our church helped sponsor the event, so we had to postpone starting Godparents to take the kids to the concert instead. I am sure they will have a great time, but I am just not thinking Aiden would enjoy it so we will just send Daddy.
  • It never ceases to amaze me how I feel younger than I am. When I am emailing these parents I feel like I am so much younger, when in reality a couple of them are close to my age! The parents get to come to our home for a meeting at the end of this month, and let's not even talk about how nervous I am. Kids I can handle... adults intimidate me, lol. BUT...
  • I went to MOPS registration last week and it went just fine. I am super excited about the first meeting, and felt slightly less shy by the end of registration. I definitely feel like there is a light at the end of the postpartum social anxiety weirdness... and praise God because I was starting to feel like I had completely lost my ability to make new friends!
  • I am in week 3 of the weight lifting program I am doing, and I can now officially say that I hate step-ups. Other than that I am loving the program though. My biggest challenge right now is the cardio withdrawal. On days I don't lift I still don't have the energy to really get into intense workouts. I have debated modifying the schedule, but decided I am going to stick with this for now. I want to see what this heavy lifting can do for me. I am already feeling so much stronger!
  • We went to Mom's for the Husker game on Saturday... man I love football season!!! Although our lovely fall weather seems to have retreated again. It was so hot all weekend. Matt had 3 days off and we stayed inside for most of it because that period of fall weather turned me into a wimp. Haha.
  • I neeeeed to start taking more pics of Aiden with my camera instead of my phone. I just miss having a big girl camera SO MUCH that it makes me cranky to even use the p&s right now. Every time the season starts changing I miss my camera. Thank goodness for instagram or there might not be any pics of the bubs from this period!
That is about all the random I have right now. I really miss writing something other than bullet points. I keep hoping my brain will eventually slow down and think in full paragraphs again! Maybe someday... how about I close with some instagram pics?

P.S. - I plan on joining in this challenge, so that should mean a real blog post once a week from me, even if it just a great, healthy recipe and progress update! :)


  1. I love the "before I move onto Pinterest..." hehe so funny....and true for me too!

    I miss Football season! We don't have cable, and that is the ONE thing I do miss :( *wah*

    And I SO miss having my big girl camera too! Hubbs dropped mine and it won't take pictures anymore...I use my iPad, but it just isn't the same. *sigh* I can get cranky about it too.

  2. I still haven't got back into the blogging swing either. For either blog! I think it is great what you are doing for the teens, and that you found a group to join!

    I'm am hoping to join a mothers group here once the baby is born, but so so nervous about it! I am not a social person, and it would be in another language which I am not that confident in... still I think it would be good to meet some other moms!


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