1000 Instagrams... a snapshot of our life

Tuesday, October 23

It is no secret that I love taking photos. When I got the chance to start using Instagram last April, though... well, let's just say I take more photos than ever. I love sharing our little moments with some of my favorite friends, and now with my Good Morning Girls group doing our Bible study together there it is by far my favorite online community. There is something so special about just being real with people who truly care about your life... especially as a stay-at-home mama. I know that my IG girls will get it when I talk about the joys and trials of this motherhood gig. When I am lonely during the day, and need some conversation with someone who uses full sentences, I know where to find it. I used to tell Matt that my blogging community was like my co-workers. Now, as much as I love blogging, this is how I describe instagram. After all, chasing a toddler doesn't always leave time for blogging, but it does create moments just begging for a quick snapshot.

So anyways, I hit 1000 posts on instagram yesterday, and I just had to sit down and put together some of my favorites! 100 favorites to be exact! So, here you go... a glimpse into the everyday life that I love so much... (you can click each collage to view it larger)


  1. Oh I love this idea! It's so fun to see our little ones grow over time from a simple everyday prospective.

    Instagram is by far my favorite social media. I love that I can document our everyday life and connect with others without too much pressure.

  2. I am def. with you girl. I enjoy IG more than anything else.

    He is a cutie!!!!

    How did you make your collage. Did it take forever, bc I would like to do this?

  3. I just adore your sweet boy! And I can't imagine not having you around in my everyday instagram life! :-)


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