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Wednesday, April 29

Today a friend and I took our boys to the lake to visit a newer playground and dig in the sand. I almost considered not going. I have been working on several projects that seem to be taking up way more time than I planned, and let's not even talk about how messy my kitchen is. There definitely would have plenty to keep me busy had I stayed home. However, instead of cancelling, I got as much done as I could this morning and then decided to leave the rest. I knew Aiden was excited, and I really didn't want to cancel yet another activity this week.

As we were driving to our destination, my friend explained that she also had a lot of things that she needed to catch up on at home. And yet, she decided that all of the chores could wait but an afternoon of memory-making could not. She is so very right. I am really pretty proud of us both for letting the messes and stresses of everyday life be put on hold so we could sit on towels in the sand and talk about fish skeletons and laugh about bug phobias while our boys managed to get just as wet as they would have if they had been swimming. It isn't really swimming weather yet (not that crazy almost-five-year-old boys care about things like weather) so we had told them they could go 2 steps into the water... and no further. Well, after running with buckets full of water combined with my particularly graceful son doing an unexpected belly flop from tripping they managed to enjoy the water plenty.

Next year the boys will be five, and Aiden's buddy will be in kindergarten, so days like this are numbered. With us homeschooling there will be lots of time to go do stuff, but it won't be the same without our favorite adventure companions. I am hoping that this is a summer full of messy houses and unfolded laundry if it means we spend as much time as possible enjoying the remaining days of having preschoolers. What a blessing it has been to watch these two grow up together over the past couple of years! Life is certainly better when you can go through it with wonderful friends!

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