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Friday, May 1

First the fabulous... Mom's test results came back clear! So she is still cancer free after two years! What a relief! Thank you all for your prayers!! 

Matt is off work today so I am working on catching up on photo organizing, editing and archiving. It has gotten out of control. I realized today that I don't have a single dslr photo from February. I also realized while looking back through some of last year's photos that I miss photography a bit again. Maybe (like this blog) it will make a comeback finally.

I have been out of the blogging world for so long that I have found I don't even really remember what blogs I used to read, ha! I know, of course, that I have some amazing bloggy friends... it just seems that many of my old community don't blog much anymore or have moved or changed their focus. I thought I would share a couple I have been enjoying lately, though:

My friend Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming is one of my first blog friends and definitely someone I will have in my life forever. I miss the old days of running the Edit Me challenge with her! I am glad she is still blogging away and sharing lots about her two adorable little boys! Check out this post and see why her ability to make things beautiful is also on my list of why I love her! Can't wait to see what she does with her new home!

My friend Addie at TriRunnerMom is a local friend who totally inspires me! Her running has always been amazing, but watching her overcome the great obstacles she has faced the past couple of years and keep pushing through is incredible. She is such a great example of running the race of life with hope and determination.

My favorite blog for scripture art right now is definitely Art by Erin Leigh. I just adore her style of making scripture come alive with color and beauty. She is so talented, and she offers some freebies (which is one of the ways to this frugal mama's heart, ha!) Her etsy shop is full of beautiful prints as well!

Who else should I be following?? Please share in the comments... feel free to self-promote, ha! I miss having a great blogging tribe to "hang out with" online!

FYI - I tried to switch my bloglovin link to this new (very old) blog so that people wouldn't have to re-follow, but it didn't work. So... if you are so inclined, here are the ways you can follow my blog:

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