Adventures in Homeschooling - Week 2

Sunday, August 16

Week 2 was a lesson in flexibility for us. I admit I am not feeling super wordy about things today (strange, I know) and that kind of fits where my head is at right now. It was a good week for homeschool... but it was, in many ways, a tough week for life in general. So here are a few items of note and a few phone pics. Mostly I just wanted to make sure to post because I am determined this weekly recap thing is going to stick. I just need to fake it until I make it, right? Ha!

  • Library day has regained its spark after getting a bit burned out by the reading challenge this summer. I found some cute printables for reading logs (one to record titles and one to color) and Aiden is recording only the books he reads to us. I cannot even express in words how much I love listening to him read. I also still can't fathom how he learned to read because it seemed like just yesterday I was thinking a lot about how I wasn't sure how to teach him. Once again, trusting my guy and "winging it" seems to have worked well, ha!
  • I shared on instagram how poetry has never really been my thing (at least not as an adult... although sitting here just now I remembered that I had my happy little poem published in a Young Authors volume in first or second grade so I guess I loved it then, hahaha!) but this week's poetry lesson was probably my favorite homeschool moment so far... except for nature studies, of course! I loved how it was a time when we just slowed down and really learned together. (I am thankful for the guidance of a printable I found to get me comfortable with poetry for young learners as well!)
  • Aiden and his schoolwork came along to a meeting I had in a local coffee shop this week. 90 minutes at a table while PR and I discussed youth ministry and other church stuff was a LONG time to sit for my active kiddo. He did pretty good, though, and got a little school work done as well. I definitely won't be making it a habit to make him sit through my meetings, but it was good to find out that it is possible when needed.
  • Aiden's best friend and his closest cousin started kindergarten at an actual school this week. They sat by each other the first day, and I wondered what Aiden would say when I showed him. I am still waiting for that day when he asks why he can't go to school like they do. When I showed him the picture he just said "cool" and went about his business though.
  • Matt came home from work early one day this week and got to take over a couple lessons for me. I absolutely loved that he got to see focused Aiden really excited about learning. As a typical 5-year-old these times of focus are short and mixed with lots of needing to run off energy and goof around, and often when Matt comes home during school time Aiden will get so distracted we don't get much done. We are all working together to figure this whole homeschool thing out, and I enjoy having Matt as my co-educator in this! 

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