Adventures in Homeschooling - Weeks 3-4

Sunday, August 30

Okay, so already I am slacking on my homeschool posts, ha! I have a good reason, though. I have been working on several projects at church, and there was a significant amount of work to be done the past two weeks. As a result of this, school has been pretty flexible lately. There has been lots of reading, some curriculum work, piano lessons, etc. We also started library story time one afternoon a week, Sunday school resumed at church, and Aiden earned a new belt at taekwondo. Learning has definitely been happening... just not always in a very organized fashion. And? I am pretty okay with that.

I am learning to trust myself more, and when I need to change the way we do things I know what will work for us. I still crave structure and routine, so I am not about to throw everything out the window. Matt and I talked about it and it seems to be kind of a natural pattern for us that we will "do school" for a couple of weeks and then "unschool" for a week or so and then repeat. Being year-long learners, it will work for us even when we are "official" next year (Aiden is an unofficial homeschooler this year because in our state they don't recognize student until they are 6 as they are not yet legally required to attend school.)

Learning to trust our natural rhythm is definitely helping my stress level. It helps that I know it has worked really well for our family so far. Aiden is reading so well lately, and his math skills continue to surprise me. Honestly, he probably teaches himself as much as I teach him. This is not to brag at all... I am just realizing that what I believe about the benefits of education being more natural and built into everyday life does seem evident. Instead of teaching Aiden "stuff" I am teaching him to learn. And he is indeed learning.

So anyway, that is where we are at as we close the books on week 4. Things are good, and we are enjoying our days together. I am so thankful for this opportunity... I think about it often. What a blessing it is to have the freedom to live the way we feel is best for our little family.

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