100 Days til 2016?

Thursday, September 24

Okay so first of all - yeah, that was actually true yesterday. So I guess I should probably title this 99 Days til 2016 instead... but anyhow...

Yesterday I saw an update in a group I belong to about how there were 100 days left until the new year. Now, the part of me that LOVES numbers and challenges immediately started dreaming about how I could challenge myself to a specific 100-day goal. Luckily, I have learned enough about myself by now that I immediately reconsidered. 100 day? That is a LOT of days! I haven't even had one solid week of hitting my step goals for a while now. Deciding that I would do anything for 100 straight days is a recipe for failure... at least if you are me. I know lots of people can do it. I am not one of them. At least not during this season of life.

And yet... I appreciate the attempt at motivation. I have been getting kind of desperate for change, and also feeling pretty defeated by my constant failure. I have been trying to buckle down and get things organized with the multiple projects I have taken on, and if I really stop and look at things I AM making progress. However, this progress has been made while sitting at a computer. A LOT of sitting. As a result, my health and fitness goals have slipped into a very low spot in my priorities. Again. *sigh*

I do like challenges. I do like measurable goals. So, I have decided to start with 10 days. 10 days of exercise... nothing more specific than that (although I suppose I should include a 30 minute-per-day minimum). Yesterday was day 1. I did 2 dvd miles. (Actually, I had done a dvd the day before as well, but if I am going to stick with the whole 100 day things I guess it doesn't count, ha!) At the end of this 10 days, I will choose a new 10 day challenge. And then... just maybe... I will actually hit 100 days of staying focused on my health in general (through 10 different goals) by the new year.

So that is where my head is at today. I know that in the past sharing things here has helped keep me focused, at least for a while. So here I go again... again.

Do you have any big goals you are working on? 
Feel free to share with me and I will try to cheer you on! 

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