10 things that made me happy this week...

Friday, September 25

I have been slowly but surely making my way through a kind of an organizational overhaul of my daily life. Sound big and tiring? It is! Ha! So I was happy to find an excuse to just stop and think about what made me happy this week.

1. I was visited last night by the kitchen cleaning fairy! This week... month, really... has been packed and I have been falling behind on stuff at home. My husband has been doing very sweet things to help at unexpected times, but most unexpected was him cleaning the kitchen before work this morning! That was a super "wow" because he has never cleaned before work (not that it is always a mess in the mornings... I really am not a bad housekeeper usually!) so I went to bed knowing I would have to tackle the mess when I woke up and I was a little confused at first! What a guy!

2. Teaching Aiden poetry. I have talked before about how poetry was never my thing in school. So, it still amazes me how much I love this part of our week! We did another Robert Louis Stevenson poem this week, Block City, and it was full of new words for us. I kind of like it when I have to google words to make sure I know what they mean before defining them for Aiden. (on that note, a "kirk" is a Scottish church... in case you ever need to know!)

3. Rainy, foggy, cool mornings. I was SO ready for Autumn, and it seems to have arrived here in Nebraska... at least for now!

4. Getting back to exercising finally.

5. A couple of great meetings at church. I have taken on the role of Small Group Coordinator for our congregation, and it has been a bumpy road but I am moving forward and learning a lot about myself as I learn how best to serve. This role is seriously like the culmination of a couple of years of my personal growth journey. Crazy to see how things have progressed.

6. Our first quarterly Godparent Leader meeting. I also stepped into the role of coordinator for this program recently (See a pattern? Thus the need for my life overhaul.) and it felt good to complete this last big project for the quarter. Now I am in maintenance mode in this role for a couple of months, so I can catch my breath. But honestly that is not the source of my happiness from this one. It was just SO good to gather with people who were in the same mindset as me and have an afternoon of fellowship. And pizza. And free childcare for my 5-year-old that involved him having so much fun he didn't want to leave. It was a good day.

7. My friend Stephanie. She has done a great job making me laugh this week, while also bringing big smiles with a little snail mail!

8. My best friend Erin, and talk of pickle chips and listening to her and Aiden chat on the phone.

9. A surprise visit from my sister. She joined us for Aiden's homeschool gym class (also a source of happiness) and checked out the Eric Carle exhibit at the University here. And there was ice cream. That definitely made Aiden happy.

10. A new pretty binder. I have been very frugal for so long now that I don't often pick up pretty things anymore. Trust me, that isn't as sad as it sounds upon reading it back, ha! I just find my beauty in other things! But I needed a new binder, and decided to go girly and fun.

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  1. I think it's so incredibly sweet that your hubby cleaned ov the morning so it was one less thing to worry about. Every now and then my boyfriend surprises me with tackling something so I don't have to nag--it's the little things :)

    Also pickle chips sound amazing.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Man! The dish fairy visited you! Now that is something special :)

  3. I agree with Charlotte and Kim.. How thoughtful of your husband. What a nice thing to wake up to.

    Very nice to meet you hun and happy to have you linking up.


  4. Good on you for getting back to exercising! I also think it is so cool you are teaching poetry to Aiden! So many wonderful happy things! It is good to reflect on what makes us feel good!

  5. I am so happy to see your reflect on happy things. A lot of us get so consumed and forget to stop and appreciate the new or regular things we are doing that are positive and focus our whole energy on the things that are going wrong at the moment. Good for you! So many wonderful things!



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